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It is a bizarre fact that although holidays are important for our well being, unless they are planned with care that week or two away from it all can prove highly stressful.

A recent report confirmed even in these cash-strapped times when 11% of people say they are taking fewer breaks, holidays are a vital part of coping with the other 50 weeks of the year. An impressive 34% of workers say they feel better about work after their holiday.

Holidays, especially with the family, have always ranked highly in the list of stressful activities although they aren’t up there with divorce and moving house! Nevertheless, if you add an airport or sea crossing into the mix your stress levels could well rocket up. The queues, check-in deadlines, delays and other holiday headaches all add up. So why go abroad? The UK has so much to offer in the Olympic and Jubilee year that a £5 million advertising campaign from the English Tourist Board is urging us to opt for a stay cation.

One top tip for your annual break is to plan ahead so you know what to expect. Select a destination that offers something for everyone. Family package holidays in Suffolk are a great example and by holidaying in Britain you’ll minimize the “are we there yet?” factor with the youngsters.

Once you arrive the choice of things to do is endless. Suffolk’s golden coastline and award-winning beaches are a must and the attractions don’t end there. The children will love Africa Alive, Pleasure wood Hills or Easton Farm Park. The whole family will delight in the old world charm of South wold Pier and the magical historic sites including Sutton Hoo.

Compromise is the key to family relationships and so a stress-free holiday. If Monday is a beach day the rest of the family will have to tolerate Mum’s excursion to a stately home later in the week and Dad’s day at New market races on Friday.

When you are planning a family package holiday in Suffolk ensure there is something for everyone; there is no point eating Italian food every lunchtime if the younger kids hate it. You’ll have to sacrifice the sophistication of fine dining in favor of chicken nuggets sometimes if every member of the family is going to have a good time.

These days, when even schoolchildren have smart phones constantly in their hands, it is important Mum and Dad aren’t tempted to keep checking work emails and calls during the holiday. If you really can’t switch your phone or laptop off for the two weeks of your family holiday then make a rule you will only check emails every couple of days. Remember, just a few years ago the team back at the office couldn’t have contacted you and life still carried on. You have to switch off the electronic devices if you really want to relax and switch off too.

Cut back on the financial pressures of your holiday and get fit by searching Discover Suffolk, the county council’s website listing free cycle routes and walks which are suitable for all ages. One highlight is the Suffolk Walking Festival from 19th May to 10th June when you can enjoy everything from tearoom walks to “Troll Strolls”!

Check out hotel websites for offers, you’ll certainly start your holiday in the right frame of mind if you have booked a bargain. Suffolk boasts a wide range of accommodation from bed and breakfast stays in villages to historic four star luxury hotels with opulent guest rooms and leisure facilities.

Wherever you holiday this year try and involve everyone in the planning and also the fun when you arrive. That way it will be a holiday to remember for the whole family.


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