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Djanne is one of oldest city of Sub Saharan Africa. Djenne was founded in 800AD. If you are interested to look many mosques with different style, Djeene is the best place to visit.Djenne is located on an island in the Nigger River delta.Basically Djenne was a natural center for traders who import and export their goods between the Sahara desert and a forest of Guinea. Djenne was famous for center of Islamic center.Thousands of people come to Djenne for the learning of Islam. The Djenee beautiful Grand Mosque is located in market square.The Grand Mosque is the biggest attraction for tourists.If you are planning to visit Djenne, the best time for visit is at the end of drizzling and rainy seasons.

After the end of rainy season Djenne turns into an island.This time is more enjoyable and many of visitors choose this type for exploring Djenne.Djenne is situated a little hundred miles away from Timbuktu.

The market in Djenne is very popular among tourists and locals. Many of people used to buy different things from here. The prices in this market are very reasonable and controlled by government. This market in djenne is detained every Monday. This market in Djenne is very appealing and vigorous in Africa. if you don’t go to this market your trip to Djenne is incomplete.The famous Great Mosque in Djenne is popular destination among many tourists. This Great Mosque is build of mud brick. It is one of the largest adobes building in the world. The architectural style of this Great Mosque of Djenne is Sudano Sahelin with specific Islamic power.

The Great Mosque of Djenne is situated in the Mali the city of Djenne . The first area of this Great Mosque was construct in about 13th century.

 The current structure of this Great Mosque was designed in 1907. The Great Mosque of Djenne is the most well-known familiar sight of Africa.The French administration reconstructs the mosque. The walls of the Great Mosque in Dejenne are made of sun parched mud bricks. The walls of the Great Mosque were adorned with bundles of rodier which are called toron.The Great mosque of Djenne is marked as one the best and important Islamic center in whole Africa. In 1988 a UNESCO elected the historic areas of Great Djenne as a World Heritage Site.

Many changes occur in the structure of the Great Mosque but still it is remain a best symbol of Djenne city and nation of Mali.If you are planning to visit the city of Djenne, it’s important to know about the climate conditions. The climate is dry and hot throughout much of the year.The hottest month with maximum temperatures are April and May. The temperatures in these months are around 40 centigrade. Weather changes from June through September. It becomes little cool not very hot.The cold weather is December and January.The temperature in these months are only below 32 centigrade.


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