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It is a bizarre fact that although holidays are important for our well being, unless they are planned with care that week or two away from it all can prove highly stressful.

A recent report confirmed even in these cash-strapped times when 11% of people say they are taking fewer breaks, holidays are a vital part of coping with the other 50 weeks of the year. An impressive 34% of workers say they feel better about work after their holiday.

Holidays, especially with the family, have always ranked highly in the list of stressful activities although they aren’t up there with divorce and moving house! Nevertheless, if you add an airport or sea crossing into the mix your stress levels could well rocket up. The queues, check-in deadlines, delays and other holiday headaches all add up. So why go abroad? The UK has so much to offer in the Olympic and Jubilee year that a £5 million advertising campaign from the English Tourist Board is urging us to opt for a stay cation.

One top tip for your annual break is to plan ahead so you know what to expect. Select a destination that offers something for everyone. Family package holidays in Suffolk are a great example and by holidaying in Britain you’ll minimize the “are we there yet?” factor with the youngsters.

Once you arrive the choice of things to do is endless. Suffolk’s golden coastline and award-winning beaches are a must and the attractions don’t end there. The children will love Africa Alive, Pleasure wood Hills or Easton Farm Park. The whole family will delight in the old world charm of South wold Pier and the magical historic sites including Sutton Hoo.

Compromise is the key to family relationships and so a stress-free holiday. If Monday is a beach day the rest of the family will have to tolerate Mum’s excursion to a stately home later in the week and Dad’s day at New market races on Friday.

When you are planning a family package holiday in Suffolk ensure there is something for everyone; there is no point eating Italian food every lunchtime if the younger kids hate it. You’ll have to sacrifice the sophistication of fine dining in favor of chicken nuggets sometimes if every member of the family is going to have a good time.

These days, when even schoolchildren have smart phones constantly in their hands, it is important Mum and Dad aren’t tempted to keep checking work emails and calls during the holiday. If you really can’t switch your phone or laptop off for the two weeks of your family holiday then make a rule you will only check emails every couple of days. Remember, just a few years ago the team back at the office couldn’t have contacted you and life still carried on. You have to switch off the electronic devices if you really want to relax and switch off too.

Cut back on the financial pressures of your holiday and get fit by searching Discover Suffolk, the county council’s website listing free cycle routes and walks which are suitable for all ages. One highlight is the Suffolk Walking Festival from 19th May to 10th June when you can enjoy everything from tearoom walks to “Troll Strolls”!

Check out hotel websites for offers, you’ll certainly start your holiday in the right frame of mind if you have booked a bargain. Suffolk boasts a wide range of accommodation from bed and breakfast stays in villages to historic four star luxury hotels with opulent guest rooms and leisure facilities.

Wherever you holiday this year try and involve everyone in the planning and also the fun when you arrive. That way it will be a holiday to remember for the whole family.


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Beijing China’s capital for the past 800 years is a city having a combination of a rich past and a modern present.

The city has four distinct seasons; summer, spring, autumn and winter. Spring is a beautiful season with flowers everywhere. Winters are cold, and summers are hot with rains. Weather is pleasant throughout the year, but autumn is the best time to travel to the city. Tourists can catch a cheap plane during any of the seasons to reach here.

Hotels raise their rates in summer which is the peak season, so to avoid any disappointment, book cheap tickets to Beijing and hotel accommodation well in advance. Please remember to carry cool summer cotton clothes with you.

There are major tourist attractions in the city like the Great Wall, the Hutong that is a symbol of the old city and the Forbidden City, the best conserved and a majestic city in Beijing.

All hotels, attractions, and transport get busy during the Chinese New Year, in January or February so plan a trip to the city accordingly. One must book well in advance to avoid any disappointment. If traveling in winter (from December to February), carry thick jeans warm sweaters caps, gloves etc. during winters traveler can go for skiing to the Nanshan Ski Resort, the Huaibei Resort and the Bird’s Nest. Try the steaming hot Mongolian Hotspot to enjoy some warmth.

The city is well connected with all major cities of the world, and there are several cheap domestic flights to the city as well. Being the capital of the country, the city has rail and air links with every part of China. Traffic congestion is a problem and the public transport such as the metro and buses are overtly crowded. One can take a taxi to save time or can book a private city tour.

The city has an exciting nightlife to offer with many bars, nightclubs and karaoke joints. One can view some local cultural shows like the Chinese acrobatics and Beijing Opera. All tourists traveling to China can experience one of the finest Cuisines. One must try the Peking Duck at the Quanjude Restaurant, which is a specialty besides other authentic Chinese dishes. Wangfujing the main pedestrian street in Beijing has small stalls selling a variety of snacks at night, a definite not to miss.

There are many good hotels in Beijing to cater to all budgets. It is advisable to make prior bookings, especially when one is looking for cheap airfares to Beijing. The group of budget hotels is at the outskirts while the hotels are located in the heart of the city and are relatively more expensive. One must make all hotel reservations through a reliable travel company, with good relationship in the hospitality sector, as it often guarantees a good deal. The best souvenirs to take home are fresh water pearls and Cloisonne Ivory & jade carvings from the outdoor markets at the Panjiayuan Collection Street, Xiushui Street and Liulichang Street.

All international airlines these days have many flights to Beijing; hence do plan to visit this majestic city this holiday season!

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Srilanka which is an island country in the Indian lies in the south of Indian sub continent. It is a famous tourist’s destination which is visited by horde of tourists from every corner of the world. It is a beautiful country with tropical beaches, verdant vegetation, ancient monuments and interesting places which will surely be liked by the tourists. It is a Buddhist dominated country and the tourists can find many beautiful and amazing Buddhist monasteries. The beaches of this beautiful land are unique and offer the tourists with many water adventure sports. It is also blessed spice gardens, revered temples, elephants and tea gardens.

Galle is a beautiful place which lies in the southwestern coast of Srilanka. It is the great example of fortified city with great architectural structures. It also provides the tourists and the visitors with breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean and the nearby towns. It is the fourth largest city of Srilanka and offers a wide range of tourism for the tourists. Galle Tourismalso offers the tourists with towering British built lighthouse and well preserved ramparts which encircle the old narrow streets. It also gives them an opportunity to se and witness the interesting churches and the varied architecture including Victorian mansion and several grand public buildings made by the Britishers. It is the perfect amalgamation of the European architectural style and south Asian traditions. There are many places to visit in Galle, the most important one include Dutch fort, the churches, Ahangama and Midigama.

Srilanka also known as the tropical paradise of the south Asia is worldwide famous for its outstanding geographical features which is unmatched with the rest of the world. It is a land bestowed with natural wonders such as golden beaches spotted with palm trees, fascinating wildlife sanctuaries, appealing landscape, colorful fairs and festivals, rich culture and heritage, old forts and monuments, coral reefs and several interesting places to visit. Srilanka tour also provides the tourists with tourism destinations like Kandy, Galle, Anuradhapura, Colombo, Yale, Dambulla, Hikkaduwa and lots more interesting places.

During Srilanka tour the tourists can choose the destination of their own choice and enjoy with their families, friends, dear ones and create such wonderful memories which will remind the tourists the happy moments spend together with their families, friends and dear ones.

Anuradhapura is an ancient place of Srilanka and provides the tourists with grand monuments. It is famous destination as this ancient place provides the tourists with many Buddhist pilgrimages as this place is blessed with many ancient Buddhist monuments. Anuradhapura Tourismprovides the tourists with marvels of the ancient civilization and takes the tourists to places filled with historical remains like palaces, temples, monasteries and others structures of the ancient Srilanka.

This ancient land can be reaches by railways, roadways and airways. Tourists can find the nearest airport at Colombo which is 183 km away; the visitors can also find train and buses in Colombo. The best time to visit and explore this unique city is during April and September and the best way to survey the city is through bicycles which are available on hire.

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The draw card of any Cape Town accommodation is that all of it offers a view that will always be unique and beautiful, whether you are in the city centre, the Southern Suburbs, the Southern Peninsula or the Atlantic Seaboard. The element that separate theses different areas in terms of choosing CPT accommodation is undoubtedly price. The Atlantic Seaboard and the city centre are the most expensive, and the price generally decreases as you move further away from the CBD, these prices though are by no means a reflection on the quality of the accommodation or the access they offer to Cape Town• s attractions. The price that tourists pay for theirholiday accommodation in Cape Town is more an indication of local property values and is endemic of property owners trying to make back money on their investment.

Logical advice would steer you towards choosing your CPT accommodation based on which parts of Cape Town you wish to see and what exactly you want to gain from your holiday. In truth though Cape Town is a small place and the public transport, although it• s not entirely first world, does a fairly good job of covering most of the peninsula. There is also an extensive taxi network which is reasonably priced. Hiring a car is however a sensible option and would make your holiday time more efficient and would add to the enjoyment of your time in Cape Town. Accommodation then does not need to be chosen based on location, due to the topography of the peninsula you are guaranteed a unique Cape Town view and with the help of either a hire car or public transport you can experience everything that the Mother City has to offer.

The city centre is a convenient option for those travelling for business. Cape Town is by no means the largest CBD in the world and can easily be traversed on foot. By choosing Cape Town accommodation in one of the City Bowl suburbs or indeed in the city centre itself one puts oneself at a huge advantage for accessing the business facilities. The new CTICC on the city foreshore is the location of choice for most conferences that happen in the city and is within walking distance of such accommodation as the Icon building on Long Street.

If money is no object and the jet set, playboy lifestyle is one which appeals to you and you want your Cape Town accommodation to reflect this then the Atlantic Seaboard is where you should be looking. Here you will find five start hotels, trendy bars and streets paved with the shattered dreams of a thousand Swedish models.

If value for money is what you• re after you can• t go far wrong looking around the Southern Peninsula, areas like Kallk Bay, Fish Hoek, Simonstown and Muizenberg offer on the beach accommodation at reasonable prices. The train line runs through all these areas right into the centre of the city and is very reasonably priced. You will also be much closer to the Cape Peninsula National Park, where you can stand at the unofficial tip of Africa. What many tourists don• t realise is that the geographical tip of Africa lies at Cape Agalhus, the town however is a two hour drive from Cape Town and there is very little to do there so unless you are ludicrously pedantic, your time would be better spent visiting the beautiful Cape Point Nature reserve and telling your friends you stood at the tip of Africa where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet.

The Southern Suburbs is traditionally a middle class residential area that doesn• t offer much to the average tourist, there is however a wide selection of bed and breakfasts and short term self- catering accommodation options many of which offer great value for money. The area is also conveniently serviced by all of the public transport option. It is also at the centre of all the Cape Town activity, been equidistance from the Atlantic and Indian Ocean beaches. The city centre, outside of peak traffic hours, is a 15 minute drive away.

Choosing CPT accommodation should be done based on price as choosing the cheaper option does not mean you have to miss out on anything the city has to offer.

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If you are wondering how to get a passport, all you need to do is go online to an internet passport agency. They will be able to help you with all of your passport needs, such as getting a U S passport card. Passport cards are excellent alternatives for people who regularly travel to close locations like Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas. They are much cheaper and easier to obtain than regular United States passports. Once you have your passport card, you will be able to travel to the Bahamas, which is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the entire world. If you are looking for a great place to stay while in the Bahamas, consider booking a stay at the beautiful Atlantis Resort and Casino. It is one of the most spectacular resorts in the Bahamas, and would make a wonderful place to stay while you are visiting.

Passport Needs
Passports are necessary documents when it comes to international travel. In order to venture to a foreign country all US citizens, including children, must have a passport. However, if traveling to Canada, Mexico, or the Bahamas by sea or land all you need is a passport card. This makes it much easier to travel. If planning a trip to one of these destinations but going by air you will have to get a passport instead.

Paradise Island
Paradise Island was originally known as Hog Island and was a private estate that belongs to Axel Wenner-Gren a Swedish entrepreneur. In 1959 the heir of the A&P supermarket chain bought the Island and changed its name to Paradise Island. It was later established as a major gambling resort and one of the first resort areas in the Bahamas. In the 1980’s Donald Trump bought the Island, it then was transferred to Merv Griffin, then again to Sol Kerzner.

There are many different wonderful and exciting attractions and activities to do when in Paradise Island. There is the Aqua venture which is a series of slides, lazy rivers and rapids all in one large water scape. There are also Mayan Temple slides. The Dig is a popular spot as well; it is a series of aquariums located beneath the lobby of one of the resorts. It is the world’s largest open air marine habitat and featured hundreds of different aquatic species.

Island Hopping
There are many incredible things to do and to see while in the Bahamas. Obviously, there are gorgeous beaches everywhere to enjoy. Also, there are many famous and challenging golf courses on the island. Going for a walk to the Versailles Gardens and French Cloister is a great activity and provides much scenery. There is also Dolphin Cay which features interactions with dolphins, Sea Lions and manta rays. There is truly something for everyone in the Bahamas.

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The exquisite east coast of Mexico offers you a pair of separate areas, the Gulf of Mexico along with the Yucatan Peninsula. These particular districts are exquisite and they normally pull in a large number of vacation goers from over the world as these tourists visit here to take a look at the natural charm, ancient ruins, unique beach locations and amazing holiday resorts. Next I will review each of these areas in detail.

The Exquisite Gulf of Mexico region.

An incredible part of Mexico not often visited by vacation goers. In this region of Mexico you’ll experience a large number of beautiful spots including Villahermosa, which comes with a beautiful tropical park. But many vacation goers head off east to visit the Mayan ruins of Palenque inside the wonderful Chiapas jungle. It is thought of by various vacation goers to be the most breathtaking historical site across Mexico. Veracruz carries lots more ecotourism organizations in comparison with every single other district in Mexico. Vacation goers can experience white water rafting, climbing and even camping outdoors inside the warm jungles. Veracruz city comes with a setting which happens to be calm. Maybe you will want to go walking to the Veracruz harbor to take a harbor cruise, and then explore one of the restaurants found in Veracruz.

The shores inside of this region might not be as admired and even as spectacular as all of those seen along the Yucatan Peninsula, on the other hand it truly is still actually worth a visit.

The Exquisite Yucatan Peninsula region.

The spectacular Yucatan Peninsula Area provides you with lots of historical pyramids, stunning shorelines and even incredible Caribbean seas. Should you be sincerely interested in Mayan history, then you might want to explore the impressive ancient pyramids. The beautiful Caribbean boasts incredible scuba diving adventures. Snorkeling is quite popular on the Mexican island of Cozumel. If you appreciate the Mexican heat, astounding beach locations and as well as a lot of parties, then Cancun city would be fabulous for you. You’ll find it to be a family friendly resort where vacation goers can engage in distinct water sports. You may find a couple of quality golf courses at a lot of the popular vacation resorts. Vacation goers can even see the exquisite ancient pyramids inside of the mainland. Tulum happens to be the most breathtaking. Other extraordinary places include Chichén Itzá. Or maybe even you’d probably opt to see the island of Isla Mujeres, which is where you’ll be able to really enjoy Mexican food at a magnificent beach restaurant. Merida is normally a good place for traveling to the historical pyramids located in Uxmal. The town of Merida contains exquisite colonial constructions throughout the downtown section and as well as modern residences around the outskirts.

This country offers you a lot of other areas which are usually worth going to for instance such as the west shores and the internal areas of the country. In either case, the country has a whole lot to offer vacation goers and it actually is an impressive country that must be visited.

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Most couples love to get away and spend some time together. Maybe you want an escape from the children for a weekend and long for a morning you can sleep in together. Possibly you wish to put some romance again into your relationship. No matter your motive for desirous to get away, you are entitled to some high quality time together. Many couples can’t seem to find the time or money to journey anyplace exotic. The actual fact of the matter is, you don’t have to travel distant with a purpose to have some romantic time together.

Many occasions, a brief escape may be discovered within a hour of your home. There are many motels, bed and breakfasts or inns that may simply aid within the romance department. Often instances, these locations will provide romantic packages which only assist to spark the romance much more than you are intending. Some romantic packages provide rooms that have jacuzzis or an extra appealing view. Different romantic packages embrace wine in the rooms, flowers, breakfast in mattress and even lavish candlelight dinners. More often than not, the hotel can create a romantic bundle for you if you happen to tell them what it is you’re looking for. Depending on how a lot cash you are prepared to spend for a romantic escape, you’ll be able to almost make no matter you want happen.

Proper after my daughter was born, my husband and I decided that not solely were we exhausted, but we missed each other. It had been months since we might had anything resembling a date and we desperately wanted a mini-escape. Despite the fact that we wished and wanted to flee, I did not want to depart my daughter for quite a lot of days. I simply could not imagine that. So, we found a lavish and fancy lodge about forty five minutes from our house, and inquired about romantic packages. Although moderately dear, the romantic packages had been exactly what we have been looking for. We reserved a room with a jacuzzi and king sized bed. The romantic package deal included a present certificate for $50 towards dinner in the resort’s very lavish restaurant, massages for each of us, roses and a bottle of champagne. I was incredibly enthusiastic about with the ability to get away, as was my husband.

Though we did not really have to leave our county to flee, we have been far enough away from our dwelling for a day and night time that we might loosen up and reconnect again. I did not want to take into consideration our credit card bill once we acquired home. I simply needed to calm down and luxuriate in myself. Generally, you just must treat yourself. Discovering places that supply romantic packages is a tremendous manner to try this and reconnect along with your cherished one.

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