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Mountain View Club

Nestled about an hour’s drive from Bangalore City amidst the lush Jawalgiri mountains is Mountain View. A unique development comprising eco style cottage options that is the ideal getaway destination.

The sheer beauty and majesty of the nature surrounding the estate leaves one spellbound. With the crisp mountain air and the range of Adventure Activities, Mountain View offers you an experience like never before. A jog on the nature trail, a long trek through the mountains, laze around in the lush greenery and more. Whats more there is a swimming pool, full-fledged clubhouse, amphitheatre and discotheque – in short – a perfect weekend.

For more details: http://www.apnasapnaholidays.com/mountain-view.html

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Charming City Narita Japan

Narita is a charming city with quaint restaurants and few attractions that will keep you gazing.

Take a train ride and stop at the Kozunomori Station to do your best retail therapy at Ito-Yokado department store. There is everything and anything at the tip of your fingers at one of the best department stores in Narita. For a colorful shopping spree and to fill your wardrobes, visit Ito-Yokado.

Home to Japan’s largest airport and the best international getaway point. The one and only reason to flock to the city of Narita is because of the Narita International Airport. Travel to your favourite destinations within Japan or travel across borders by flying at Narita International Airport. One of the top stopover destinations among locals and tourists around the world, Narita is a charming city to observe.

Definite seasons yet nothing harsh to stop you strolling through the bustling streets or a sightseeing tour. The temperate climate is ideal for all visitors for a fantastic trip around Narita City. Visit your holiday destination through Narita for an awesome stopover.

Narita is a popular site among pilgrims. People pay numerous pilgrimages to the various temples in the city. Hence the Narita-san is a popular religious site and a tourist attraction for many travelers.

Statue of Kukai, Sword and Dragon, Bucket offerings, Prince Shotou Hall, Daito, Great Main Hall, Kaizan do doors, Sakura-no Yama Hill, Sanrizuka Goryo Ranch Memorial Hall, Narita- San Park, Shak-do and the three storied pagoda are scenic attractions clustered in the city. Visit Narita for a breathtaking sightseeing tour. There are many means to get around the city. Quick and fast by train is the most popular choice among travelers.

Pay a visit to the Narita Tourist Pavilion to observe a Japanese tea ceremony every Thursday. Enjoy a cup of tea with the rest and blend around. Enter in to one of the famous yet mind-blowing sights of Narita by visiting the Chiba Prefectural Flower and Tree Garden. Museum of Aeronautical Science is a place of interest for first time visitor. The observation deck at the top floor offers scenic views. Steal glorious views in the city and capture beautiful moments. cheap flights to japan, cheap flights to sri lanka.

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