Mountain View Club is a beautiful property situated at Thavaraikkarai Village, Denkanikottai Taluk, Hosur. The resort is in association with M/s BENNETT COLEMAN & CO. LTD. It is in partnership with Times of India Group.

Mountain View, concerning an hour’s drive from Bangalore town amidst the nestled Jawalgiri mountains, Hosur. A novel development comprising Eco vogue cottage choices that’s the perfect getaway destination.

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We can all attest to spending a small fortune getting ready to head outdoors for the weekend. There are some tricks, as taught to us by the Boy Scouts, that can save money in your wallet and could save your life in the wild. Most things are made from or concocted from items you use everyday at home. Just pack it up and take it with you, don’t buy more. This is intended to save you money!

One of the joys of camping in an RV is that you enjoy the comfort of sleeping in a bed. However, that luxury is short lived when morning dawns and you have to endure the back breaking torture of making the bed, tucking in the sheets and comforter. Most have little room to navigate and people find it quite inconvenient. Some just throw sleeping bags up there, and while that works, it isn’t as pleasing to the eye. An inexpensive and easy solution to this problem is to take an old comforter that you aren’t planning on using anymore and sew sheets to it. Just throw it up there like sleeping bags, but it looks like you made the bed all the time!

If you are in a pinch, nylon rope can be used as shoe laces. If you are going to break your laces on your hikers, it will undoubtedly be when you are out in the middle of nowhere with no store in sight.

When in a bind or stuck while backpacking, a large ziplock bag blown up with air will substitute as a pillow. Not recommended for children or for regular everyday use, as baggies are plastic and a chance of suffocation is there. But to carry one in your pack if you get separated from your group is smart.

Old shower curtains make great tarps, but clean them first before taking them with you. If you need to save a few bucks to put in the old gas tank, recycle your shower curtains. They are plastic and are made to repel water, after all.

Nothing is worse than realizing that you got your matches wet at any point while camping. Maybe it was an accident when the baby grabbed the box and dropped it in the lake, maybe the box got left out all night and it rained, maybe you took them with you on a day hike and fell in the creek. Waterproofing your matches is a good thing to do and all you need to do is dip them in melted paraffin wax. When the wax has solidified, a tight container is recommended like a prescription bottle.

As a matter of fact, prescription bottles are great for storing all types of things to keep them dry and clean, like batteries and matches and first aid kits.

There are times when kindling is hard to find, or wet, and it is good to bring another source to start your fires. Lint from your dryer is a great replacement for kindling. It burns fast and hot and is a recycled material that way. Some people make paper out of lint, you make kindling. Another way to bring a firestarter with you is to put sawdust in a paper cup (not completely full) and then fill with paraffin. Then, just throw the cup in and start the paper of the cup on fire.

Use frisbees to support paper plates. Unless you have already bought the fancy plastic holders, just place your plates on the inside of a frisbee and you have an instant dinner plate!

Blisters on feet is a common ailment while camping. It requires a lot of walking even if you aren’t hiking. Soap on the insides of your socks will help with the rubbing that causes blisters. Keeping a bar of it in your pack is smart and when you feel that uncomfortable rub happening, get the soap out!

Canteens will develop a distinct smell over time, a sort of dank and musty smell that you probably wouldn’t want to drink from. Instead of buying a new one, simply dilute 3 teaspoons of baking soda to just a bit of water inside the canteen. Swish it around to dissolve it and let it sit in there for an hour. Rinse it very well and your smell should be gone or greatly improved.

The people of Oakville acknowledge and appreciate the townâEUR(TM)s history, but it can be difficult to incorporate a sense of heritage into a modern event. Luckily, the solution to this event planning quandary is both easy and inexpensive.

Oakville is a small but bustling town, equipped with a rich history a vibrant population. Compared to its mega-urban counterpart, Toronto, it is quiet and perhaps even tame. It is also quaint, charming, and welcoming. While these adjectives serve to create an overall positive image of Oakville, they also simultaneously stand as reasons as to why throwing a modern event in such a locale would be somewhat difficult.

Truthfully, the issue is not so much about figuring out how to throw a modern event in a historical town, but more so, figuring out how to throw a modern event while preserving the townâEUR(TM)s history. Let me assure you that this is indeed possible.

Firstly, we need to get over the idea that Oakville is an old town. Oakville will turn 185 years old this year, which makes it a crawling toddler by historical standards. Just one province over is the city of Montreal, which is said to have a history that dates back almost 8,000 years. Montreal is likely one of (if not the) most modern cities in all of Canada, which exemplifies that age in itself is not a direct indication of a city or townâEUR(TM)s rank on the modern scale.

Now that we got that out of that way, letâEUR(TM)s turn our focus on how one can integrate the history (however young) of Oakville into a modern event. For one, choose a historical or distinct location. With five Heritage Trails spanning 57 kilometers, you can definitely arrange work retreats or casual corporate events in Oakville by putting good use to any one (or all!) of the Heritage Trails that are always open to the exploration-prone public.

As far as weddings in Oakville go, setting up shop in a Heritage Trail may be nice for the photo session part, but will prove to be quite difficult for everything else that will roll out throughout the evening. That said, you may want to opt for holding the reception in the Oakville Museum or one of its art galleries, thereby inviting your guests to be fully immersed in the townâEUR(TM)s historical heritage and creative achievements.




The coastal state of Goa is dotted with some of the best gifts of Mother Nature. She has showered her enormous love to this lovely state in India and bedecked this emerald land with natural treasures like exotic beaches, waterfalls, lush green canopies and diverse flora and fauna.

Tantamount to romance and splendour, the magical land of Goa provides an extent of memorable experience; be it an amusement tour or a leisure tour. Tour to the land of Goa that has never failed to enchants the travellers to relax and have fun on the white translucent sandy beach. A holiday in Goa is the best rewards in one’s life where one can plan a relaxing holiday trip or a thrilling adventure packed getaway. The natural treasures and the exotic beaches offer perfect escapade for the excitement loving holiday seekers.

Among all the tourist attractions the romantic beaches of Goa are the prime attraction of tourists. The state is gifted with some of the finest beaches in the world that creates amiable ambiance to enjoy Goa beach tours and beach holidays in a memorable way. Arjuna Beach, Aguada Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Vagator Beach, Miramar Beach, Palolem Beach, etc are some of the famous beaches of Goa.

Goa is perfect blend of old and modern culture. The history and heritage of the state is richly preserved in its churches, forts, traditional homes and villages. Goa is also famous for its exotic beach parties, nightlife, beautiful hotels and sun bathing. A tour of the place gives you an opportunity to relax on the beautiful sun kissed sandy beaches, explore the churches, enjoy fun-filled carnival and parties, and taste the delicious food of the state. Blessed with some of the most exotic beaches in the world, Goa makes an ideal location for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday.
The state has some national parks and wildlife sanctuaries also such as Bondla National Park, Mollem National Park, Bhagvan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and Cotigao Wlidlife Sanctuary. These protected areas provide shelter to various kinds of wildlife species. Another natural charm of Goa is Dudhsagar Waterfall, which is known as the highest waterfall of India.

There are several different places to consider for your stay depending on whether you want the city night life or a beach front vacation. Calangute area in Goa is one of the popular beach destinations where as Panaji / Panjim, the capital city of Goa is great for city life.

Goa, the land of exotic beauty is a tourist paradise in India. Leaving the tourists spellbound with its mesmerizing and romantic beaches, Goa is one of the most enthralling destinations in India. Nestled in Konkan region, Goa is internationally acclaimed for its beautiful beaches with a glorious history, richly preserved in temples, churches and forts. It is an all season tourist destination; you can visit Goa in any season. No matter it is summer, winter, autumn or spring, you will find the crowd of visitors. There are various tour packages offered by different tour operators from which you can choose according to your requirements, preferences and budget.

Mallorca is one of the bigger islands on Balearic Islands; it is very popular with tourists especially during the summer. It is an idyllic island which offers consistent warmth from the weather and locals. There are beautiful beaches which pose as a romantic or delightful holiday for any couple, individual or family.

Cycling Excursion
There are many offerings in Mallorca; one can cycle around this lovely island from the local port to El Arenal. It is an idyllic journey of 16 kilometers where one can view the lovely landscapes and enjoy the fresh air and warm sunshine as one cycles along the coast.

Cycling tourists would get to view various famous beaches along the cycle route before arriving at El Arenal. One can perform this cycling excursion personally or join a tour group specializing in a cycle excursion. This option allows the tourists a different view of Mallorca at their own pace to enjoy their holiday in a more adventurous and exciting approach.

One can stop at any of the beaches along the way such as Santa Ponca and Illetas to enjoy the fine soft sand and crystal clear warm waters. There is no rush and no agenda except to enjoy the best of Mallorca in a different style.

Picturesque Sights
One of the great attractions of Mallorca is the majestic mountain views of Sierra de Tramuntana. This impressive mountain range can be accessed from Palma at the north east; it is impossible to miss this awesome sight as it is parallel to the Mediterranean Sea. Along the way, there is the picturesque village of Calvia with a delightful Mediterranean landscape. There, one would find some historical offerings such as the ancient Iglesia Parroquial church as well as a 18th century castle.

There are also many quaint fishing villages along the way which would delight honeymooners or couples spending their vacation on Mallorca. These places offer some outstanding landscapes on the island.

Tourists would enjoy Camp de Mar which is one of the island’s most beautiful bay. It has a small island right in the middle which makes it a unique sight. Tourists can check out the local port of Puerto de Andraitx villas lloret which is a natural port with pine woods all around it, making it a most surreal environment for relaxation. One can also explore the beautiful Isla Dragonera easily with the easy availability of tour operators, bicycles and local assistance.

Over time, living standards have improved and lifestyles are constantly changing. With higher income levels, most people do not think twice when it comes to spending when away from home. Come any vacationing plan and a flexible budget is kept aside. India is the vacationers’ hotspot. There are countless exotic locales – metropolitan cities that are also historic cities and exhibit modernity and development at their best, beach destinations, hill stations, snowy areas, nature’s bounties featured in mesmerizing landscapes, and the list goes on. Thanks to the abundance of luxury hotels in India. Yes, you will come across luxury hotels in India that have chains in all the major cities including exotic locales. You can expect to avail all ultra-modern amenities in such properties. No matter which place of the country you wish to visit, you can expect to get pampered during your entire stay and get showered with limitless hospitality in select chains of luxury hotels in India.

Garden City, Silicon Valley of India, Pub City – these are not the only sobriquets that identify Bangalore. Explore the city and you will discover the city’s true essence. The salubrious climate witnessed round the year is one of the key attractions for tourists not to mention the many sight seeing attractions that it has on offer. Plan your stay in one of the top luxury hotels in Bangalore and you will cherish your entire stay. Few luxury hotels in Bangalore offer concierge services, letting guests enjoy the complete sight seeing facility such as hiring tour guides, car, bus, etc. An informed sight seeing is what you will experience. Most of the luxury hotels in Bangalore witness cent percent occupancy; so, do not forget to get the accommodation bookings done in advance.

Which hotel in Delhi India have you stayed during your sight seeing tour to this capital city? How was your experience? ‘Atithi devo bhava’, which means ‘guest is god’ is the concept followed by every hospitality property. You will be welcomed with this very aura when you step into a hotel in Delhi India and all other hotels in the country. But there are counted few properties that are chains of one of the most reputed hospitality brands that shower limitless hospitality, letting the guests cherish the experience throughout their life. To find the best hotel in Delhi India, go online. Search for limitless hospitality and one that offers the best online rate guarantee.

It is a bizarre fact that although holidays are important for our well being, unless they are planned with care that week or two away from it all can prove highly stressful.

A recent report confirmed even in these cash-strapped times when 11% of people say they are taking fewer breaks, holidays are a vital part of coping with the other 50 weeks of the year. An impressive 34% of workers say they feel better about work after their holiday.

Holidays, especially with the family, have always ranked highly in the list of stressful activities although they aren’t up there with divorce and moving house! Nevertheless, if you add an airport or sea crossing into the mix your stress levels could well rocket up. The queues, check-in deadlines, delays and other holiday headaches all add up. So why go abroad? The UK has so much to offer in the Olympic and Jubilee year that a £5 million advertising campaign from the English Tourist Board is urging us to opt for a stay cation.

One top tip for your annual break is to plan ahead so you know what to expect. Select a destination that offers something for everyone. Family package holidays in Suffolk are a great example and by holidaying in Britain you’ll minimize the “are we there yet?” factor with the youngsters.

Once you arrive the choice of things to do is endless. Suffolk’s golden coastline and award-winning beaches are a must and the attractions don’t end there. The children will love Africa Alive, Pleasure wood Hills or Easton Farm Park. The whole family will delight in the old world charm of South wold Pier and the magical historic sites including Sutton Hoo.

Compromise is the key to family relationships and so a stress-free holiday. If Monday is a beach day the rest of the family will have to tolerate Mum’s excursion to a stately home later in the week and Dad’s day at New market races on Friday.

When you are planning a family package holiday in Suffolk ensure there is something for everyone; there is no point eating Italian food every lunchtime if the younger kids hate it. You’ll have to sacrifice the sophistication of fine dining in favor of chicken nuggets sometimes if every member of the family is going to have a good time.

These days, when even schoolchildren have smart phones constantly in their hands, it is important Mum and Dad aren’t tempted to keep checking work emails and calls during the holiday. If you really can’t switch your phone or laptop off for the two weeks of your family holiday then make a rule you will only check emails every couple of days. Remember, just a few years ago the team back at the office couldn’t have contacted you and life still carried on. You have to switch off the electronic devices if you really want to relax and switch off too.

Cut back on the financial pressures of your holiday and get fit by searching Discover Suffolk, the county council’s website listing free cycle routes and walks which are suitable for all ages. One highlight is the Suffolk Walking Festival from 19th May to 10th June when you can enjoy everything from tearoom walks to “Troll Strolls”!

Check out hotel websites for offers, you’ll certainly start your holiday in the right frame of mind if you have booked a bargain. Suffolk boasts a wide range of accommodation from bed and breakfast stays in villages to historic four star luxury hotels with opulent guest rooms and leisure facilities.

Wherever you holiday this year try and involve everyone in the planning and also the fun when you arrive. That way it will be a holiday to remember for the whole family.